balsakha yojna gujarat sarkar

Criteria of eligibility of the beneficiary of the scheme

The scheme benefits all newborn infants up to 7 days of poverty line (BPL card) and all newborn infants belonging to Scheduled Tribe who do not pay income tax.

Assistance / benefit under the scheme

The beneficiary newborns under this scheme are provided free services for any newborn infectious disease at their hospital by the private pediatricians connected with the scheme.
The pediatrician will immediately sign the voucher for a newborn baby with a voucher of Rs. 4 / - in writing.

Method to avail of the scheme

Children who are born under Government institutions or Chiranjeevi Yojana, as well as being born at home or going home up to 7 days of age are eligible to avail this scheme. It should be refreshed by any health worker / hopeful.
Where will the benefits of the scheme come from?

There are private pediatric specialist doctors in the district