Celebration Plan: Gas cylinder gets 50 lakhs insurance, Learn how

Rs. 50/- Lacs Insurance On Cooking Gas: There would be an LPG cylinder in your home. But do you know that with LPG cylinder, you get insurance of up to Rs 50 lakhs for free? Yes, if the domestic gas cylinder, which we call the LPG cylinder, gets blast and if there is any incident, then the victim family has a right to get compensation of up to Rs 50 lakh.

There is compensation of up to Rs 50 lakh in LPG cylinder blast by the insurance companies to the victim. For your information, let you know that LPG companies take public liability policy from insurance companies for this type of incidents. Insurance for LPG Cylinder burst is called the third party insurance. For this insurance, LPG companies pay a large amount of money to insurance companies every year as a premium.

In case of LPG cylinder blast, if the insurance company does not pay compensation or less compensation, then the victim's side can go to court against the insurance company in this situation. For your information, let you know that the court decide the amount of compensation depending on the age factor, income and other conditions of the victim after the LPG cylinder burst. As you know that after the LPG cylinder blast, there may be the death, fire, or damage to the house. In view of all these aspects, the compensation is given after the assessment of the loss.
In order to get insurance in case of the LPG cylinder blast, the victim or his family should first be informed of the accident immediately to the police station and the LPG distributor. After the cylinder blast, a copy of FIR, treatment papers of injured persons, medical bills, death certificate (if happened), and postmortem report keep safe.