Farmers will get Rs.33 crore financial assistance from the tractors

Farmers applied for financial assistance for farming equipment at Eye Farmer Portal. Out of which 5 farmers from Gandhinagar district, who applied for Tractor Assistance, purchased the tractor and submitted it to their District Agriculture Officer. So a total of Rs. 8 crore will be provided to these six farmers for a total of Rs.

On this, Gandhinagar District Agriculture Officer DP Jadav said, "Earlier, the Eye Farmer Portal was opened. In which the government had requested the farmers for financial assistance on the purchase of farm equipment, vehicles and equipment. The approved farmers have to submit the required evidence and documents in two months, out of which a total of 3 farmers have completed
The government gives financial support of 3 thousand against a tractor of less than 1 horsepower, while a financial assistance of Rs 3,000 is to be given against a tractor over 5 horse power. 1 thousand rupees which will be deposited in the farmer's account by the government.