If you've lost your PAN card, get back home sitting like this, learn how

Nowadays, PAN cards are required for many works including ID Proof. Sometimes it gets worse for negligence or for some other reason. If your page is damaged or lost, you can easily get another copy. The Income Tax Department issues a PAN card through UTITSL or NSDL-TIN. From the agency that issued your PAN card, you should contact your PAN. You can get another copy of the card.

How to reprint Aadhaar card

For this you can go to UTITSL or NSDL-TIN portal and click on the option of 'Reprint Pancard'. After using this feature you can easily reprint your Pancard at your home. During this time you can also change which address you want your new PAN card to be sent to or if you want to change it.

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Both agencies charge Rs 50 L for delivery of Aadhaar card reprint anywhere in India. When you want to deliver it to a place other than India, you have to pay Rs 959 per card. But at the time of application, you have to keep in mind that where you want to deliver, in the meantime if you do not change the address then copy of PAN card will be delivered to the registered address.

You will need a Pan Cord and a Date of Birth at the time of applying for a Pancard Reprint Copy. NSDL also demands Aadhaar card as it is required to link to PAN card.


Hard copy of your PAN card is not required after changing the income tax rules. You can also use softcopy if you want. UTITSL and NSDL-TIN both issue e-pages. This feature applies to both new and old card holders. However, the PDF file issued by the Income Tax Department is also valid.