Modi government's big plan is to change electricity companies as soon as mobile

The Central Government, which has promised to provide electricity for 24 hours in the country, will soon be able to give another gift to Electricity Consumer. According to the media report, the Modi government is now planning to issue an Electricity Distribution License to four to five companies in each state. At the same time, consumers will have access to the company from which they want electricity. Customers can also change their electricity distribution company at any time. The central government has asked the states for them to separate the agricultural feeder within a year.

According to a report, Union Electricity Minister RK Singh addressing the state electricity and renewable energy ministers' convention in Cavadia City on Friday said that retail business is not the work of the government, he said that the central government in the state will decide three to four private companies. These companies will supply electricity to that area. This will compensate for the loss of government on the one hand. While consumers may also have the option of changing the electricity company.

The Union Electricity Minister has also expressed displeasure over the high cost of electricity and said that in some states the electricity tariff is Rs 8 per unit. While electricity distribution companies are delivering electricity to consumers at lower prices. The meeting also advised to equalize the electricity tariff per unit across the country. The electricity minister said that we were considering it. A decision can be made as soon as possible.
The Union Minister said that Rs 47,000 crore was left on the government departments of the states. The state of the electricity companies could improve if the government department pays its bills. He said that as soon as the prepaid meter is installed in the government department's office, the amount of electricity that the department can provide is tariff.