Bringing a beloved daughter scheme, the government came to the daughters of daughters, will get this benefit

Gujarat government has launched a new project called Wahali Daughter in the budget. At the time, Women and Child Development Welfare Minister Vivariben Dave called the beloved Dikri Yojana special. He said that the government was now going to become a daughter-in-law. The government has come to the rescue of the daughters by bringing a beloved daughter project. Vivarivan Dave also expressed optimism that the incidence of female feticide would be stopped by the new scheme.

Women and Child Development - Government launches new scheme Provision of Rs. 751 crore for supplementary costume in Anganwadi   Provision of Rs 376 crore for pension for widowed women   Provision of Rs. 87 crore for Purna Yojana   Provision of Rs 24 crore for the construction of 1200 Anganwadi \   Government launches new project Whalley Daughter  Under the scheme, the daughter gets Rs. 4000 in first grade, Rs. 6000 in ninth grade and Rs. 1 lakh will be given  Provision of Rs. 133 crore for the Wally Daughter Scheme
I am announcing the implementation of a new Dear Daughter Scheme of our Sensitive Kennedy Lacquer Government in order to increase the birth rates of girls, strengthen their socio-economic status, reduce dropout rate in education and prevent child marriages in which the daughters of the first two children in the family get the benefit of this scheme. Lucky will be eligible to meet. The first of the daughters under the Aquila Daughter Project Upon entry into the standard Rs. You will be paid Rs 1 lakh when the second ninth standard arrives, and when that kanidai lakiya daughter exceeds the age of 5, you will get Rs. Beloved daughter-in-law, Akila Yojana, will help prevent female feticide, Kanyavani will be encouraged by Kannada education and will get huge amount of money for higher education and marriage ceremony when the daughter becomes an adult. The family will get benefit of Rs 2 lakh per annum Kannada family. For this new scheme, Rs. 1 crore provision