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How to Pick Up an Election Card for Those Who Have Not Modified their Election Cards Under the Electro Water Verification Program Improvement of the Register on Registration of Milk in the Election Card Plus Plus You have the Election Card and you have your electoral list. If you do not have a name, that person needs to make amends or else you have to vote Are o

Good news for you. If you want to register in the state's electoral rolls or fix a mistake in your voting card, you will not have to go to the polls. This can now be done with the help of the Internet at home. All you have to do is go to the Election Commission's website http://www.nvsp.in and apply for inclusion or correction. This can be done by filling out the form specified on the site.

The water list is updated before each election. Therefore, voters can take advantage of this online update feature before the next Lok Sabha elections. In addition, the Indian Election Commission has also launched a web based application. This app notifies officers via SMS about new registrations.

Earlier, the Election Commission staff had to go from house to house and survey. It involved the services of booth level officers. They used to go to each house and check the names and addresses of the voters in the list. But now the new online feature will help voters and election officials update the list faster. Around 7,500 election officials across the country have been linked to the new platform. It alerts them through registration and