Horticultural Assistance Plans 2020

Horticultural Assistance Plans 2020

Horticultural Assistance Plans

New planting of fruit crops

Under this scheme, farmers who cultivate horticultural crops in the area of ​​their own land in the area of ​​3-5 hectares or more, have to pay an estimated cost of Rs. 1 / - per hectare for cultivating perennial crop in the limit of cultivation up to a maximum of 3-5 hectares.  According to the percentage per hectare, in the limit of Rs.  Shall be entitled to the assistance of over 90 per cent of live plants
 In the case of annual crop cultivation, assistance to the limit of Rs. 1 / - per hectare will be avaiable, taking into account the cost of cultivating an estimated Rs.5 / - per hectare.  This assistance has to be repaid in three weeks according to 1949, for obtaining second and third year assistance for yearly crops such as bananas and papaya which must be re-planted in the field of cultivation under first aid paid by the beneficiary.  General Chat Chat Lounge

Planting of aromatic crops

Learn about the assistance provided for the production of expensive aromatic crops (Patchouli, Geranium, Rosemary).

 Learn about the support you can provide for other aromatic crops

Programs to increase production of vegetables

Learn about the aid of raw porridge, tomato / chilli and other vegetable trellis

 Half ripe pavilion - Learn about paddle-wise assistance of vines with vegetables

 Ripe Pavilion - Learn about pedal-wise assistance of vines with vegetables

Program for improving seed production, seed production and fruit plant production and quality

The project will include base-based fencing, mother plant plot, root plot, nethouse, peat supply, hitech greenhouse, hardening unit, pump house, steam sterilization, soil polarization, etc.
 Project Base based bank lending for private organizations
 Nursery accreditation will have to be done by NHB.
 Additional supplementary assistance of the State Government to the common farmer at 5% while the Scheduled Castes and the Hon.  5% assistance to the farmer of the breed

New planting in flower crops

UnitCoast - Rs 1.5 lakh / ha
 For small and marginal farmers 5% of the cost or a maximum of Rs.  3,3 / ha
 For other farmers 5% of the cost or a maximum of Rs.
 5% of the cost in the TSP area or a maximum of Rs.
 1.5 ha per beneficiary  Within the limits of
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