Learn how you can get 33% subsidy from NABARD for livestock farming

The Central Government has launched Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) to promote the employment of weaned animals in the country. Keeping in view the growing potential of dairy business in India, the Union Government has set a budget of Rs 323 crore for the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme in 2018-19. With this amount, the government gives a subsidy of 25 to 33% to the ferry businessman. If you want to earn milk in your pocket, DEDS is for people like you.

How much subsidy will I get?

If you open a dairy of 10 milch cattle, your project will require about seven lakh rupees. In which you will get a subsidy of around 1.75 lakh rupees in the DEDS scheme run by the Union Ministry of Agriculture. Let us say that the central government subsidizes Rs. 17,750 for one animal. The subsidy for the people belonging to the Scheduled Caste / Tribe becomes Rs. 23,300 per animal.

This subsidy is provided for a maximum of ten milch cattle. You can get 33% subsidy if you fall into the Scheduled Castes or Tribes category. According to the circular announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, if you want to open a small dairy, you have to put extra milk in your cows. Such as Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Rathi or buffalo have to be kept.

What else is included in the DEDS plan?

Priority is being given to the National Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (NABARD) for the purchase of livestock under the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, raising calves, vermicompost, dairy parlors, and other activities, including small and wealthy farmers. You can click on https://bit.ly/2PBS0Gn for more information about the dairy industry salt development plan.