Make 15,000 rupees in three months by investing 15,000 in this farm!

Nowadays, the trend of using disposable cups, plates, bowls is increasing among the people. People use these products only during any small events and travel. If you too are looking for a business that costs less to start and the government can also help a little.

The natural product and drug market is so large that there is always a demand for natural products used for it. So should the medicine plant farming business have a fortune? In such farming the cost is very modest but the returns are longer and longer. Large farms are also not required for the cultivation of medicinal plants. You can also rent a farm for this. Nowadays many companies are also cultivating herbs on contract. You will need a certain amount of money to start such farming, but it earns millions.

Most herbal plants such as basil, sweet honey alovira, artemisia annua (sweet wormwood) are ready quickly. Some of these seedlings can also be grown in small shrubs. Nowadays there are several companies in the country that contract till the crop is ready. In such contracts, income is also guaranteed

Make 3 lakhs in 3 months

Tulsi is usually seen as a combination of religious matters. But it can be earned by cultivating basil with medicinal qualities. There are several types of basil. Tulsi contains eosinol and methyl cinnamate. The use of this makes the drug ready for serious illnesses such as cancer. If the basil is grown on one hectare of land only Rs. It costs 15 thousand rupees, but after three months when it is ready it will cost Rs. 3 lakhs.

Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies like Patanjali, Dabur, Vaidyanath etc. cultivate Tulsi contract. These companies buy your finished crop. Tulsi seeds and oils are also a major market. Basil oil and seeds are sold at new prices every day.
Required Training: -
You must have the necessary training to cultivate a medicinal plant. The Lucknow-based Central Institute of Medicine and Aromatic Plant provides training on the production of these plants.