Why marriage registration is required?

About a hundred years ago in Russia there was no such document as proof of marriage. Instead, it was possible to get a statement from church books about marriage, and the procedure was followed by about three announcements in the next ceremony. However, since the revolution the government has taken on the role of the institution, the legitimacy of the relationship between two people.

 The marriage certificate is the only official confirmation union document is legal and authoritative. Give the registrar to its proper authorities. However, the marriage certificate does not disagree with the concept of "civil union". Then the official church appeared later to be considered a secular ceremony unlike marriage. Then the word "citizen" did not equate marriage to the concept of public officials, which was the equivalent of the clergy coming to that conclusion before. By the way, Russia passed relatively late - only in 1917 - to the Institute Design Union. In many European countries (from 1880 - in Germany - in England in 1875 - in the Netherlands - since 1836) civil marriage entered into an opportunity. However, in Russia today, this term, as a rule, refers to the relations without any registration.

Can you get a marriage certificate together?

More and more couples choose to free it - an illegal - status partnership. In many countries, the law was gradually legalized by such organizations, that "registered" rights and duties are equal. However, the marriage certificate is still the only document officially identified as proof of marriage. What should be behind this: Simplification of Procurement Residency Wife or spouse, inheritance in the case of death of a partner or citizenship for almost automatic entry. In many countries, a marriage certificate makes it possible to receive tax benefits and deductions as well as benefits. It imposes a number of responsibilities. For example, in case of an official spouse divorce (if any) the children may require not only maintenance, but also for themselves. The family also forces the ex-spouse to be involved if they are in a dire financial situation and have no sense of livelihood. But the most important state confirmation document is the establishment of marriage registration, property rights, custody of the child and family reunion.

The marriage certificate is useful for "abroad"

Suppose a husband goes abroad. There he wants to settle down and take him closer. In this case, you need to translate a marriage certificate, which will allow the other wife to obtain a visa, and then a residence permit. Similarly, such a document is required and when applying for a passport - in that case, if the name has been changed. The Apostille Certificate of Marriage can be placed below the Registrar Consulate Department in the Ministry of Justice. Such a document order requires the Confederates to officially register in another Member State. In most countries, if spouses have joint households, they are eligible for tax deductions. An international affiliation is especially important for a marriage certificate.
 It only gives the spouse the benefit of obtaining citizenship or permanent residence permit of the country wife. Marriages only in religious ceremonies are recognized by most states and do not impose any rights and obligations.