Modi government will give Rs. (Know when and how many) in Jan-Dhan bank account

Along with the bank account, people have to provide financial services like debit cards, banking services, deposits, money transactions, insurance, pensions etc. Besides, the Prime Minister’s Jan-Dhan Yojana is a mission of national financial inclusion.
MeritAny person over the age of 6 years can open an account with the bank under this scheme.
Benefits:The benefits associated with this scheme are as follows:
Interest on depositsOne lakh rupees accident insurance cover
No minimum balance is required, however, it is desirable to deposit a small amount to withdraw the amount using the card.
Life insurance cover of Rs.
Money transfers will be available easily across India.
The beneficiaries of the Government Scheme are credited directly to their account
Will come.
Up to 6 months, overdraft facility will be provided after satisfactory transaction.
Pension and insurance facilities
The following documents are required for the Prime Minister’s Jan-Dhan Yojana.
If there is a Aadhar card, no B document is required.
An existing certificate of address is required if the address has changed.
If there is no supportcord, then any of the following government documents is required.
Driving license
PAN card
NREGA card
Note: If these documents contain the applicant’s address, this will work as proof of identity and address.
If any person does not have the above mentioned document then the letter issued by the gazetted officer for the low risk category by the bank can open an account with any document which also certifies the person.
Implementing Organizations
The scheme will be implemented through nationalized and public sector banks, cooperative bank branches, bank friends, business representatives, etc.