Sukanya Prosperity Scheme Has New Changes | Get 73 lakh rupees

In order to secure the future of the friends daughter, a prosperous prosperity scheme has been created. Under the scheme, it is considered better to invest for the daughter. The best reason behind this is that the scheme is government. It also provides the best returns. Apart from this, if the daughter is under 10 years of age, it is a great way for her to invest in higher education and the prosperous prosperity scheme of the Central Government for her marriage in the future. But the scheme has changed recently. Which we will tell you in this article today.

Many changes have been made in the Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana, which was informed by a notification dated December 12, 2019. The Finance Ministry has stated the changes made in the Sukanya Prosperity Scheme. So know what has changed in this scheme.
Bank Accounting ahead of time: According to the new changes in the Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana, if a Sukanya account is to be closed before the stipulated time, its permission has been obtained. In the event of a serious illness or death of a parent to the child or daughter, the closing of the prosperity account can be done. Earlier, the rule was that the Sukanya Prosperity Account could only be closed if the child died or his residence was changed. But after the new change, the account can now be closed.

Safe Future: Let us tell you that there have been no major changes to the Sukanya Prosperity Plan. But it is important to know what changes have to be made in this government saving scheme to protect the daughter's future.

Higher Interest Under the new rule in the Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana, if you cannot deposit at least 250 rupees in the financial year, the account will remain in that state. According to the new rule, interest will also be paid on the amount deposited in the default account, as in the regular account.

How to operate a sukanya enrichment account: According to the new rules, sukanya enrichment account cannot be operated till 18 years of age. Earlier, the rule was that the daughter could operate the Suakanya account after the age of 10. But now, according to the new rule, Sukanya can only run the guardian of the daughter.

If you have more than two daughters: If you have more than two daughters, the rules of the Sukanya Prosperity Account which has been opened for her have also changed. If you open a Sukanya account for more than two daughters, their birth certificates need to be affixed simultaneously. But according to the old law, parents had to give a medical certificate. But now birth will have to provide proof.
Where the rules have changed: Other than that, many of the provisions related to the Sukanya account have changed and some have been clarified. The new rule precludes the withdrawal of erroneous interest by mistake. Interest will now be paid at the end of each financial year in the Sukanya account.