A.P.L. Good news again for category ration card holders. Free grain again

State Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani expressed the full sympathy of the citizens of the state towards Kanidai Lakia in the current situation of Corona Covid-12 virus. The Chief Minister has also announced a poor welfare package of Rs 3 crore, the benefits of which are being given to the needy in the state. The Government of Gujarat is providing free foodgrains for the month of April through fair price shops. Among them are 2.50 lakh ration card holders who have priority under the National Kanidai Lakia Food Security Act and BPLs other than Akila priority. 2.30 lakh ration card holders are being given 5 kg of foodgrains per person and 1 kg of dal, 1 kg of salt and 1 kg of sugar per card. Under this scheme, Rs. The state government is carrying a burden of Rs 150 crore. In addition, under the National Food Security Act, it has been decided to provide free foodgrains for the month of April through fair price shops to 21 Kanidai Lakia lakh ration card holders holding APL-1 cards without priority.

             In which 10 kg wheat, 2 kg rice, 1 kg sugar and 1 kg dal will be given free per card. For this purpose Rs. The state government has lifted the burden of Rs 3 crore. For the homeless destitute as well as those who do not have ration card, the scope of Annabrahm scheme has been extended and 5 kg of grain per person and 1 kg of Kanidai Lakia per card, 1 kg of Akila salt and 1 kg of sugar are being given per card. A special survey has been conducted for this and the distribution of these benefits to 2.5 lakh card holders has started. As many as 2.50 lakh working families in the state are given Akila Rs. It has been decided to pay Rs.1000 to the bank account through DBT system and for this the state government has to spend Rs. 3 crore financial burden is to be lifted. The Government of India and the RBI have agreed to pay the short-term crop loan to the farmers of the state. Has been extended by 6 months. Farmers will have to pay zero percent interest for this extended period. The Government of India will pay 3% interest on Kanidai Lakia crop loan and the Government of Gujarat will pay 3% interest. The Gujarat government has allocated Rs. Kanidai Lakia of Rs 50 crore will bear the additional burden. The deadline for paying electricity bills for March and April has been extended to May 15, 2020, for which no penalty will be levied.

            Not only that, the power distribution companies have decided to waive the April fixed charge on commercial and industry connections. As a result of this, about Rs. An economic burden of Rs. 50 crore will be borne. The total amount of 1 month pension is Rs. 21 crore has been paid in advance. As Akila schools have been closed, the beneficiaries of Madhyan Bhojan Yojana have been given the benefit of Kanidai Lakia Bhojan Sahay in cash. In which assistance of Rs. 2.10 crore has been given to 31,7,8 student beneficiaries. As the Anganwadi Kanidai Lakia centers have been closed, nutritious food has been provided to the children of 6 to 8 years in the form of take home rations. The benefit of which is 18.50 lakh children have got Kanidai Lakia. The state government has allocated Rs. 3 crore has been lifted. As residential hostels, ashram schools, juvenile correctional centers Kanidai Lakia have been closed under the social welfare department, an amount of Rs. For which Rs. 2.50 crore will be used. As residential hostels as well as ashram schools under the Tribal Development Department have been closed, its 1,31,8 beneficiaries have been paid a monthly allowance of Rs 1,500. Rs. An amount of Rs 3.5 crore will be used. The Government of India has provided insurance cover of Rs. 50 lakhs to the health workers who are exposed to Corona virus.

 The state government has announced Rs. . Cow School Akila and Panjarpola for the maintenance of 2.5 lakh cows per animal per day Rs. It has been decided to pay assistance of Rs. For Kanidai Lakia, about Rs. 2 crore will be spent. In the next two phases, Akila will provide a total of Rs. Assistance of Rs. About three and a half lakh old helpless and 24 disabled beneficiaries will get Rs. 2.5 crore will be provided. Three lakh forty six Kanidai Lakia thousand Ganga Swarupa mothers and sisters of the state who are living above the poverty line (Non BPL) will be given Rs. An amount of Rs.1000 / - as ex-gratia to pay Kanidai Lakia Rs. 2.50 crore will be provided.